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Tyre Analysis

Complete offer in-depth reporting as to why your tyres are out of service and able to produce accurate recommendations for your next purchase along with the benefits in doing so. more…

Fleet Surveys

No matter the size of fleet, our dedicated expert team can offer personal fleet reports and will work directly with you to find a solid long-term solution for your tyres and wheels. more…

Retread reporting

Responsive across devices

We can help monitor tyre retreads with dedicated reporting. We will look at the percentage of tyre casings reported from retreads and analyse the rejection causes. Statistic reviews are available on request. more…

Performance Tracking

Tyres are the second highest cost driver when it comes to fleets and have a substantial impact on cost control. We can track and compare the operating costs for each tyre per kilometre, which is critical to maximising fleet efficiency. more…

Tyre Testing

Fully equipped road service vehicles and on-site services, such as in-store tyre fitting and replacement, battery replacement, wheel alignment and balancing, passenger and truck balancing and on-site tyre management. more…

Complete Savings

Responsive across devices

As a trusted tyre shop and specialist, we are proud to offer our CTS savings form. At our workshop we will use the CTS analysis system to determine tyre vs. tyre cost efficiency and will extrapolate the saving in a single test across complete fleets. more…


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