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Award-winning Innovation

The Michelin Tweel airless radial tyre is a single unit that replaces the current tyre and wheel assembly. There is no need for complex mounting equipment and once they are bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain. The unique energy transfer within the poly-resin spokes helps reduce the “bounce” associated with pneumatic tires, while providing outstanding handling characteristics. They are designed to perform like pneumatic tires, without the inconvenience and downtime caused by flat tires.

Reduced Downtime

The Tweel is designed to last 2-3 times longer vs. a pneumatic tyre. They also feature a bolt off bolt on design meaning replacing a Tweel can happen in a matter of minutes, no need for lengthy tyre changing procedures. 

Increased Stability

The Tweels’ poly-resin spokes absorb impacts and vibrations far greater that conventional Pneumatic tyres. This increases comfort for the operator and provides a stable base for transporting material and precision movements

Reduced Costs

Reduced downtime means your machines make more money. That in combination with puncture resistance and retread options means Tweels are the more long term cost effective choice.

What Is A Tweel Airless Radial Tire?

Watch the video to see how the unique construction of the Tweel provides benifits over its alternatives.

Tweel skid steer loader comparison

Why upgrade your tyres? This video reveals the impressive performance benefits compared to solid and Pneumatic tyres.



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